I could c me taking a pic of my son like this......Def parenting done right in my eyes

haha! :)

yep future daughter

What's really wrong with me

18 Photos Of Middle Children Being Middle Children---so true!

solid parenting

i love this hahahahahha

Hope I can convince my children, (especially my daughter) that being "the one" is a darn fine person to be.

Oh this is my children anytime they go anywhere with me! The funny thing is they will be the same way.



Yep! Pretty much!

Babysitting Is Dangerous when the Demonic Little Girl from Hell has Knives ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

So awesome!

Ain't that the truth!!!

Kids seeing a ginger for the first time…

This parenting truth: | 25 Pictures Guaranteed To Make Parents Laugh Every Time

this was me as a child...actually..lets be real, this is still me