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Earthship global model greenhouse. Ever since watching Garbage Warrior several years ago I have been deeply interested in Earthship eco-living. So cool!

Green Electricity ideas for your home, life, and overall better livingness.

"Convert Your Home to Solar Energy" covers planning, installing, operating and maintaining a residential solar energy system, as well as all the relevant solar technologies, including solar space and water heating, photovoltaic electricity and secondary uses such as pool heating. Read an excerpt from "Convert Your Home to Solar Energy" on active solar space heating systems for the home.

The best #home improvements for your investment.

You name it, this house has it: an air-source heat pump, a rainwater harvester, central-vacuuming system, triple-glazing and motion-sensitive lighting system. It also features underfloor heating and self-closing loos. The five bedrooms are arranged over three storeys.

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8 tips to reduce your carbon footprint - go green! :)

Prefabulous + Almost Off The Grid: Your Path To Building An Energy-Ind – BRIARWOOD

Infographic: Ductless Air Conditioning

Dude, Sustainable! The Environment in the News: Infographic - Saving Money With Green Updates #dudesustainable

Why build green #homes? Green building is smart building. Aside from their obvious benefit to the environment, green buildings deliver financial savings, are more comfortable, healthier, return higher productivity rates and have higher resale values. #infographic

#HomeImprovement Tip: Avoid costly mistakes that will put your investment to waste.

Architecture and Sustainable Design

Energy Efficiency

Budgeting - a blog of a family of six living on less than 28,000 a year. Lots of good budgeting ideas.

8 Tips for a greener home (that also save you money). Check out these eco-friendly tips from experienced renovators.

Energy Efficient Home

Nordstrom at Home 'Chloe' Duvet Cover | Nordstrom

Boring, flat, hollow doors can be an eyesore in your home. Learn how to upgrade them yourself by adding a decorative trim using new HybriBond Mounting Tape, Powered by #GlueDots