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  • Patricia Buttner

    Precious+pigs | The three little pigs

  • Meghan Meyer

    baby piggies!! cant wait to have a little farm with piggies one day!

  • Jan Keith

    Is snuggling with a piglet allowed? Check out these farm-raised baby pigs we're swooning over.

  • Colleen Watson-Turner

    This Little Piggy Went To Market. This sausage prank exposes our weird food issues. A butcher pretends to put piglets into a sausage machine to satisfy the customers' request for fresh sausage. All hell breaks lose.

  • Lili Ab

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  • YAYA Connection

    I've heard mini pigs are a trend among the YAYAs...yes, no?

  • Ice Mocha

    Really Cute Animal Pictures

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Little pig napping with its stuffed look-alike. I am so happy from this pic! Another reason to have a little pink piggy.

Pro vegan: Pigs are sensitive, intelligent animals who form strong bonds with other pigs. They are smarter than dogs and smarter than 3-year-old children—yes, that’s right, smarter than your little angel. It’s true. They are affectionate and playful. Animals are Friends, Not Food. ♥

'It had to be you! Unforgettable that's what you are, though near are far, like a song of love that clings to me, never before has someone been more unforgettable in every way...' Nat

FARMHOUSE – ANIMALS – black piggies! I cannot get over how cute pigs are!

The road to happiness does not end with a ring on your finger. Glass slippers are tucked within the hearts of strong and amazing women who have romanced themselves with adventures of hope and assurance. I believe that where there is hope, there is love. For the brokenhearted, there is healing. For the lonely, there is comfort. For the weary, there is rest. For the anguished, there is peace.

At Our Old Farm House We Had Hogs, I Have Slopped Hogs, Chased Hogs, Rode Hogs, Watched Them Born & Bottle Fed Them To Keep Them Alive, Kept Behind The Old Stove In The Kitchen Just Till They Grew Old Enough To Fight For them Selves, Then Out They Went!

a one... a two... a three..that smile at the end as though it's a perfect fit

These two furry guinea pigs enjoying a nice refreshing beverage on the patio.