Firefighter poem. Might have to do this in pink for my little girl. ashleymills

Firefighter Subway Sign Firefighter Decor by DeenasDesign on Etsy, $53.00

Something I never had, but hope and pray every day that I can give this to my kids

My dady is a firefighter... Since day one... This is my mentality! <3

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Almost teared up on this one ;)

I'm Not Just Daddy's Girl I'm A Firefighter's by HeartlandSigns, $17.95 Wednesday needs this!

Some Dad's wear suits. Mine wears bunker gear and boots. #Firemen #firefighter

"When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water."


Micah 6:8 - Love this verse and wall decor idea

Firefighter wife


The Firefighter Within

Firefighter Blessing Wall Decor, Firefighter Decor, Distressed Wall Decor, Custom Wood Sign, Firefighter, Typography Word Art on Etsy, $37.00


daddy prayer

Could you love a firefighter? #firefighter #love

You might be a firefighter if...

I am so blessed that my Dad did this for me and it made finding a husband like him so easy. My girls are now blessed with a Daddy like this and will be able to find a husband that hopefully models this for their children.