• Seth Andrew

    This picture shows a kitten snuggling up next to a man who is either on a chair or on a couch. I chose this picture because I like cats who are nice and who snuggle up with you. I have a cat that travels around the neighborhood and stops by my back door frequently. We pet him a lot. This is the second cat to have done this in our neighborhood. I think this picture can be important to society because it shows that cats are great animals to go to when you get home and just snuggle up with.

  • Taryn Lamp

    nap time and snuggles.

  • Chloe La Motarde

    neck warmer cat

  • Brandi Brooks

    Little baby kitten snuggles.

  • Jennifer Kertz

    Everyone needs a cuddle buddy <3

  • Molly (ElephantBeads)

    baby kitty snuggling

  • Elisa Anduaga

    Sleepy kitty

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