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The Coptic Cross

Russian Orthodox cross

Cross-reliquary of the True Cross and its case - detail - France 13c-early 14c. (via By Kotomicreations Kotomi Yamamura on Flickr)

Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III


Jesus Christ challenged the status quo, hated religion and political correctness, loved the unlovely, reached out to people society had written off, and even opened a can of whoop-ass on tax collectors & money changers who had worked their way into the House of God! Jesus was divisive, controversial and told it (the truth) like it was. But most importantly, Jesus IS the Son of Yahweh who takes away the sin of the world for those who believe on him. Now that's awesome! (Jesus is the word.)

Ethiopian Cross

“Christ Enthroned,” by Isaac Fanous, Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Los Angeles

Alexandria - a Coptic church

08-14-13 ‘Peaceful’ Brotherhood Protesters Torching Coptic Christian Churches ~ In the familiar pattern, the Western media are focused on the military raids against Islamic supremacists in Egypt but ignoring the latter’s use of violence and of women and children as human shields. After all, the “protesters” say they are “peaceful.” . . The Brotherhood is not “retaliating” against Christians. Islamic supremacists are persecuting Christians . . . which is what they do in Muslim-majority countr...

Romans 8:16 ~

I AM. John 6-15

coptic cross

Russian Triple Cross. This precious early 19th century Orthodox cross tells the story of the Crucifixion with panels of the Blessed Virgin, St. Mary Magdalen, St. John and St. Longinus the Soldier on either side.


Jesus Christ bore your loneliness, separation, and sorrows on the Cross so that you don't have to!

I Thirst.

Religious Freedom!

03-18-14 HEY! The Obama regime, kissing Syria's butt, has backed a country which has been doing this: GRUESOME! Obama-backed ISIS jihadist rebels, operating human slaughterhouses for Christians and certain Muslims, discovered in Syria. --I will not post any gruesome pictures. These Syrian monsters are ritually slaughtering Christians and non-conforming Muslims. Please research on your own and make your voice heard like you've never done before. www.walidshoebat.com www.barenakedislam.com etc

Christ the King