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Life is sometimes just too much

The Animal Rescue Site God bless all homeless animals and help them find homes.

Stray cats Most stray or feral cats are results of irresponsible owners. Please I can't exspress it enough Spay or Neuter

It's not their fault.I've got 2 ferals besides my home kitties!

 I've also seen this picture with the caption "the kids shook all their presents to see if they could guess what was inside"

So funny! Mostly b/c i did this to my cat one time and she had the same look on her face!

Twitter / birdahabak: Ben küçük değilim tamam ...

National Türkiye on

"Confront a child, a puppy and a kitten, with sudden danger; the child will turn instincitvely for assistance, the puppy will grovel in abject submission. The kitten will brace its tiny body for a frantic resistence." They're tiny but FIERCE!

The Story Of This Biker And A Badly Burned Kitten Is So Touching << World needs more people like this :)

The Story Of This Biker And A Badly Burned Kitten Is So Touching << World needs more people like this :)

This little Kitten is cute

Tiny fluff ball of cuteness


Funny pictures about I can't sleep. Oh, and cool pics about I can't sleep. Also, I can't sleep.

de437b47b9f91169b6e8f8f6aafa0f8d.jpg 500×750 pixels

de437b47b9f91169b6e8f8f6aafa0f8d.jpg 500×750 pixels

Keep Your Pet Safe From Chemicals!

Raccoon Dog Decides He’s Nobodys Prey And Turns Tables On Hangry Cheetah

Angels can show up in physical form, such as a stray animal who becomes a lifechanging beloved pet, or a helpful stranger who suddenly appears and then disappears without a trace. Or in your dreams...

Angels can suddenly appear in your life in many diffrent forms


This looks just like my Jambalaya when he was a kitten! And I love the crossed paws! Too cute! Wouldn't it be great if we all shared the same shoe size with our best girl friends? We'd double and triple our shoe collections!

Two kittens cuddling with one another while they sleep.

12 Weird Things All Cat Owners have definitely done

kitten hugs are the sweetest things

Seniors to Seniors Adoptions :-)

Inspiring image snow, cat #1368496 by nastty - Resolution 534x400px - Find the image to your taste

cat and snow. I love seeing cats in snow it's so cute!

So that's what Monster is doing in the linen cabinet!

funny cat pictures - See, we iz makin warm towels like fancy hotel. i kinda miss having cats

Dump A Day Funny Animal Pictures - 35 Pics

funny i think cats are hilarious. and pictures of cats with funny captions, yes please.