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Upcycled t-shirt dog chew/tug toy: This was a very easy craft, though I think the "rope" could have been thicker (add more strips of fabric). We'll see how long they last with the actual dogs.

How to make Plastic Bottle Camellia Sasanqua Flower SDCO says: We did this... and learned that acrilic paint is important. The kids non-toxic, washable, eatable, everything-able paint does not want to stick to plastic!

Alice in Wonderland book purse. This was fairly easy, until it got time to attach the ribbon handles. There are several ways you could do it, so choose one you know you can repeat 4-6 times.

Turn an old jar into a festive candle holder with some glitter and glue (and some patience, I'm not going to lie, this was messy).

I made this book page art print from a very old (falling apart) hardbound Treasure Island. The hardcover will become a iPad case, and the illustrations were saved for later, but I found some line art pirates' ships and printed them directly onto the page with the phrase. We put them into an old frame and it came out pretty good. These could definitely be gifts.

There was some whining while making this cork jewelry holder. But it came out beautifully, and made me wish I'd used a prettier frame. Reuse, Recycle Corks

Plastic Bottle Apples SDCO Says: We tried this... but painted since we had no red paper... it looked ok, but you really need acrulic paint to stick to plastic, and the plastic is strong! We had to use a drill to make a hole for the stems.

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WIne Cork Jewelry display holder, wooden frame, Jewelry organizer, jewelry hanger

We made this one too, and it was a bit trickier than I thought, but it looks cool. WIne Cork Jewelry display holder, wooden frame, Jewelry organizer, jewelry hanger