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Bat as power animal. Shaman beliefs in animal's teaching ability. I've always been attracted to bats, they are one of my teacher animals. Bat medicine.

faithful : staying present

Trust. Worry is a waste. Where does it really get you anyway? Unfocused. Unproductive. Complaining. Give thanks in ALL circumstances - yes, ALL of them - and you just might forget your worries completely. Don’t you always end up saying to yourself, “why did I ever worry in the first place?!” Yeah. You do. So, give the creator of the universe some credit and give up the reins. Trust. Do not worry about your life. He has this. ‘Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?’ Luke…


Curves and lines of pose. I like the though of holding something like q locket or mirror with something emerging

Which is more popular? Repin for Percy Jackson, like for gravity falls or comment for both. I just want to know.

May 20, 1990: Advice on Life and Creative Integrity from Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson

I am the creator of my own reality. Life isn't happening to me, life is happening from me. When I get up I in the morning I decide how the day will feel. I'm going to feel guided, worthy, deserving of all the goodness that is mine. I'm going to feel intuitive, inspired, innovative, sure, connected, vital and alive. I'm going to feel gentle, loving,and kind. I'm going to feel good. I'm going to feel happy. I'm going to feel alive, energized, invigorated. I'm going to feel eager and excited…

Indonesia, Pink Dolphins, & More!

Tried to pin this to my page myself, but couldn't...searched for them on here and there they were...beautiful. Even The Creator loves pink.

New Life #547 The Covenant Between God And The Jewish People In The Mirror Of The Holocaust