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With 98 per cent of its skeleton preserved, this young predatory theropod from southern Germany may be the most complete dinosaur ever found.

A nest full of 15 baby Protocerotops found in Mongolia - 10 of which are complete - indicates that parental care was probably provided, and that mortality rate was probably high.

Monument Rocks are a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas, rich in fossils. It is a National Natural Landmark.

Blue Babe

BLUE BABE: North Americas first frozen mummified remains of an ice age steppe bison, the 36,000 year-old mummy named "Blue Babe." The discovery of Blue Babe's mummy has vaulted our knowledge of the ice-age steppe bison to a completely new level, serving as a shiny blue window into the prehistoric past. The display of the mummy is not the actual full-fledged find – Blue's tanned and treated skin has been removed from the carcass and placed on a plaster replica.