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Leftist weirdo tries to lick conservative students protesting Hillary: ‘I just came from Texas, I have Ebola’ - BizPac Review

Hillary Fails To Fill College Gym , But Maryland Voting Machines Will Cover The Shortfall | YouViewed/Editorial

Look At This Connection! NH Ball Bearing Plant That Just Exploded! ~ Pub on Feb 10, 2014 ~ Story is starting to get interesting now. More info at links:

DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS "SPIT ON GRAVES" OF DEAD PATRIOTS IN A DISRESPECTFUL AND COWARDLY ACT - Video: Benghazi Victim's Mom, Pat Smith: Obama, Hillary, and Biden 'All Lied to Me' - 9/19/13 [...]

Deep Thoughts From The Shallows Part II – West Coast Version | The Last Refuge -- For the latest example in total and complete reality disconnect we travel back to the Left Coast courtesy of Bill Maher and Socialist Bernie Sanders. Painful though it may be to watch – it’s worthwhile as an exercise in sharpening the saw: [...] 11/08