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Move this party to this pretty little white table I just got! Catching up on some planning and journaling. Finally have the chance to use this beautiful paper book from KikkiK. Back on track to study tomorrow!

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I take my notes Cornell style so I can quiz myself, along with highlighting/color code a little for the definitions and key terms.

Haze effect essay structure Causes and Effects of Haze Essay. Causes and Effects of Haze. Haze consists of tiny elements which occurs naturally or is a result of daily human.

12th may 2016 : [79/100 days of productivity] taken from my ig: Study Way.relief // starting from the beginning and working my way through IB Geography HL ✨✨ and i reviewed quite some number of case studies today! i hope you’re all had a good thursday,...

april 2016 : days of productivity] ” taken from my ig: // until my first biology exam and im so not prepared.

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Friday, 5 June Attempting to cram in an intense study sesh for management accounting on my dining table before work tonight! My first exam is in approximately 8 days!


Call me Sunny :-) / old woman, hospitality management grad student / houston, texas, us / love =.

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