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body mod


heart tattoo

back tattoo

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rose tattoo

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bird tattoos

swallow tattoo

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nature tattoo

floral tattoo

Well that's a tattoo that certainly draws some serious attention. Man, that would have taken hours and hours to complete... Oiyveh. It's a nice effect, the stark neon blue and the soft pastel purple, offset by the silhouetted branches... if she got anything else, the piece might be overwhelmed, so I hope she's happy with it as it is.

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Font above pineapple

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Frases de amor alegres en arabe para tatuajes


menae el

amor en

alegres en

amor alegres

el hobe


Hope For The Flowers 7 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

tattoo ideas

back tattoo

tattoos piercings

butterflies tattoo

tattoo design

butterfly tattoos

spine tattoos

Love this! I don't think I could get it on my hand though...but only due to employment.

henna on hand

henna tatoo

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tattoos henna

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hena tattoo

henna tattoo

Padrões de bracelete maori.

polynesian tattoos

polynesian armband tattoo

maori tattoo designs

tatuajes maori

arm band tattoo

polynesian tattoo design

maori armband tattoo

tatuaje en mano

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full sleeve

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back tattoo

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nature tattoo

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