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Esto es tener mal sentido de la oportunidad        Gracias a http://www.cuantocabron.com/   Si quieres leer la noticia completa visita: http://www.estoy-aburrido.com/esto-es-tener-mal-sentido-de-la-oportunidad/

Loading Artist is a webcomic about many things, sometimes revolving around an artist who wants to become rich and famous.

Oh God! I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Funny pictures about Celebrity Men as Women. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity Men as Women. Also, Celebrity Men as Women photos.

Awesome job posters (life is too short for the wrong job)

Awesome job posters (life is too short for the wrong job)

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this is just ridiculous. i almost died. these are so stupid but so so hilarious:

Tickld Mobile - 20 Jokes That Are So Stupid They Are Actually Funny. Number 7 Is Priceless. OMG yes i love dumb jokes.

We had a version of this in college, and I was TERRIBLE at it. I kept forgetting we were playing!!

Murder Time Game at College<<< My school has a game like that. It's called elimination.

Funny tumblr post

That got deep real fast. But imma roll with it because that perfectly depicts who I am as a person. Well, as human as someone with depression can get.

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What's so wrong about that???

<<< Its wrong because periods mean women are actual humans

What the shit.. i bet this kid gives his mom a heart attack daily!

How Excited He Looks // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I get the feeling he doesn't want to go back to school