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Ares the Greek god of war and battle and the instigator of violence, a son of Zeus and Hera. Because of his cruel and war-like nature he was despised by all the gods, even his own father disliked him. Ares could be bloody, merciless, fearful and cowardly and possessed no moral attributes. He was, however, unable to withstand the loveliness of Aphrodite, who subsequently became his consort

Taringa!from Taringa!

La Medusa, Mitologia Griega

La Medusa, Mitologia Griega - Taringa!

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Sjöfn (Old Norse ‘Sgafni’ or ‘Sefi’) is a goddess associated with love. In other kennings, her name is associated with the word ‘woman’ who represents the feminine side of romance and attraction. women and men." Artwork: Annie Stegg — with Ryan Beamis.

PHANTASOS [noun] Greek mythology: one of the Oneiroi. He appeared in dreams in the form of inanimate objects. He is the son of Hypnos, the God of sleep. His mother is Pasithea, the goddess of hallucination. Phantasos is nephew to Thanatos, the God of death (Hypnos brother), his grandmother is Nyx, Goddess of the night and his grandfather is Erebus, the god of darkness. Phantasos translated into English roughly means “apparition”.