hearts folded in half with one side taped down in a circular pattern. Cute on wrapping paper for a gift

Heart flower birthday card by Melanie Satrapa

{. Peach Yan} full of heart to heart, love flower- each petal is a heart folded in half.

flowers made from hearts folded in half

hearts for hot air balloons!

Heart folded flower

Folded hearts... all arranged into a heart.

Paper flower.

Folding flowers

por favor!

Heart garland

You make my heart happy card....might just have to make this one for someone special.:)

Folded Paper Heart Book Page Marker – DIY


cut paper into strips 4 pieces each layer. fold each end into the middle and staple or glue. glue pieces on top of each other in a t then an x. make next layer slightly shorter strips. add a little circle and button hot glued. done use all my extra pretty scrap book paper i save for things like this.

Lint Roller + Foam Stickers = Roller Stamp

Paper Dahlia Wreath: via Brooklyn Limestone

Heart flowers

heart balloon card

Make a paper back for children to put heart stickers on for day two Heart check up #campkilimanjaro