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  • Kate Flaherty

    Australian Labradoodles: so cute! I want a big dog soo bad!

  • Kym 'Barlow' Schealler

    Australian Labradoodles: so cute! Y'all know I am not a pet kinda person but this one is super cute! Maybe someday?

  • Pam Sherman

    australian labradoodle... so cute!! like a teddy bear!

  • Alexandra Smith

    ok, so not a product, but this may be the 2nd cutest dog in the world.. after miss lucy of course! Australian Labradoodles: so cute!

  • Brandy Moore

    Goldendoodle. Oh my this will be our next pet lol so cute

  • Chloé Dion

    Australian Labradoodles .....So cute it looks like a stuffed animal!

  • Megan Mohammadi

    golden doodle. So cute!

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Even though this is a golden doodle... it looks just like my little Barkley (cock-a-poo)

golden doodle vs. teddy bear.- oh! This is too cute, I want to cuddle with it.


This reminds me of my cocker spaniel, Bandit! He was a tricolor cocker so he was black, brown and white!

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Please let me have a cookie...please! *Cutest photo ever!

goldens--in every way. Awwww I have been missing my boy Jackson so much today -- it was so sweet to find this pin on Pinterest just now.. I

You are right, it is an Austrian Blue Heeler. Like" Zip " in the movie "The Last of The Dogmen". Love this dog!!!

goldendoodle. this will definitely be the dog i have.