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Me temo que tienes humanos... ;)

Earth really would be treated poorly by all the other planets if they could talk

Condescending Jupiter

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I was going to photoshop my own image comparing hurricane Sandy to the great red spot, but this will do nicely:

Omg, I did this w/ a student one time, worked like magic!

Toothpaste For Dinner comic: dont yell at your kids * Text: dont yell at your kids lean in real close and whisper its much scarier youuu are in biiig trouble

Funny Poster www.stephengane.com www.stephengane.blogspot.it

Funny Poster www.stephengane.com www.stephengane.blogspot.it

No, I think the yellow line needs to be a bit more slim. To the tune of about 1/2 a day!!!

Banana Timeline

Banana ripeness timeline = awesome Only about 10 seconds where they are right for me.

Virus vs. Retrovirus. Science is the coolest thing on Earth. Here is the proof

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Retroviruses are another type of virus. They have RNA instead of DNA. They infect cels and make them make copies of the virus until the cell bursts and spreads the virus. AIDS is a result of the retrovirus HIV

See it from another angle

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