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Šakotis. Making the Tree Cake

Hydra, Greece

Traditional Lithuanian Wedding Cake

Lithuanian Tree Cake

Lithuanian tree cake

Lithuanian tree cake...so do you eat it or decorate it?

Lithuanian Foods and Traditions.

Sakotis is a very popular desert cake. Its name means branched in Lithuanian and is made by painting layers of batter on a turning spit in a special type of oven. It is often decorated with chocolate and it is appropriate for any occasion be it a caf� break or a Christmas dinner.

Sakotis- Lithuanian wedding cake

Baltijos kelias(Baltic Way). 650km (403miles) human chain across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 1989 produced to seek independence from Soviet Union.

Shakotis Polish Sękacz (also known as Bankuchenas in western Lithuania) or Lithuanian šakotis is a popular Polish-Lithuanian traditional cake. The cake became popular during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1791). Its origins are attributed to either the Italian Queen Bona Sforza of Poland or the Baltic tribe of Yotvingians. The Yotvingians settled in the early and high Middle Ages in Podlasie,

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Amber..."Lithuanian Gold"

Shakotis, national Lithuanian and Polish cake, usually baked on open fire, usually for wedding occasions

The traditional Lithuanian cake - Ragoulis (spiked or tree cake)

Lithuania - Vilnius

Potato-Meat Dumplings Recipe - Lithuanian Cepelinai

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