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Lithuanian ornaments-the prettiest trees i've ever seen. alright i do like my random ornaments and colored lights also

šakotis cakes - Lithuanian traditional cake made on a rotisserie with layers of batter

giant lithuanian tree cake

■Šakotis (also called raguotis) - a Lithuanian variant of German baumkuchen, with a very distinctive branching form; it is essentially a poundcake grilled layer by layer.

Lithuanian tree do you eat it or decorate it?

Skrusdelynas - a Lithuanian dessert

I really whant an area of the garden with some birches, but with a dark ground, maybe even some black stones.. I think it would create a nice and relaxing feeling.

IMG_4820.JPG by fruitflavor, via Flickr

Lithuanian trees (LT). 1. Egle/fir*. 2. Pusis/pine*. 3. Maumedis/larch*. 4. Azuolas/oak*. 5. Berzas/birch*. 6. Baltasis gluosnis/willow*. 7. Juodalksnis. 7. Drebule/aspen*. 8. Liepa/linden*. 9. Klevas/maple*. 10. Uosis/ash*. 11. Kastonas/chestnut*.