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šakotis cakes - Lithuanian traditional cake made on a rotisserie with layers of batter

Polish sękacz is a popular Lithuanian-Polish traditional cake. It became popular during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1791). Its origins are attributed to either the Italian Queen Bona Sforza or the Baltic tribe of Yotvingians. Its name means "branched tree" or "tree with many branches" due to its distinctive shape. It is baked by painting layers of dough onto a rotating spit in a special open oven. It is drier than a German Baumkuchen.

"Sakotis" from Lithuania #food

I really whant an area of the garden with some birches, but with a dark ground, maybe even some black stones.. I think it would create a nice and relaxing feeling.

Lithuanian trees (LT). 1. Egle/fir*. 2. Pusis/pine*. 3. Maumedis/larch*. 4. Azuolas/oak*. 5. Berzas/birch*. 6. Baltasis gluosnis/willow*. 7. Juodalksnis. 7. Drebule/aspen*. 8. Liepa/linden*. 9. Klevas/maple*. 10. Uosis/ash*. 11. Kastonas/chestnut*.

Kaunas Christmas Tree #337/365 by A. Aleksandravičius