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Need to package individual Cupcakes? Put them in a clear plastic cup, put the cup in a bag, tie with a ribbon and voila!

Funfetti Cake Dip

skinny funfetti dip<< made not like it. I know this is a "skinny" recipe, but it's definitely missing something. If you do plan to make it, I would substitute plain yogurt for vanilla and use regular cool whip instead of lite. *sigh* disappointed.

Cupcakes in dollar store champagne flutes. seriously, why didn't I think of this?! :) / DIY & Crafts / Trendy Pics

Chocolate Mousse Parfait

No recipe - serving idea. Use shot glasses to serve really rich decadent chocolate moose, tie the ribbon around the serving spoon.

Selling Baked Goods at the Farmer's Market

Everyones seen those pins and posts about using cups to serve cupcakes at bake sales, etc and Ive never been able to get it to work because once you ge the cupcake in you cant get it out without a handful or icing and making it look gross. Check this out!! Such a better idea!

Pie In A Jar

I cannot wait to try this...what a way to enjoy a little pie without eating the WHOLE thing! (come on you know that's what bite at a time like you are showing amazing restraint, until two days later and you ate the whole pie!)