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Myo Gesture Control Armband communicates with your MAC, PC, phone, or tablet over Bluetooth using proprietary muscle sensors.

Prototype Improves Mobile Typing by Ditching the Keyboard

AirType, a startup in Austin, Texas, may have found a way to solve the mobile keyboard problem: get rid of the keyboard entirely.

Thanks To Apple And Google, Wearable Technology Is On Track To Become A $50 Billion Market

Beautiful color changing iPhone dock $69.90, via Etsy - BurnerBoutique --- How cool is this iPhone dock that changes colors? This particular one doesn't work with iPhone 5, but they have some that do! WooHoo!

Details about Android Phone Watch 2 Inch Capacitive Screen, 8GB Micro SD 2MP Camera Camouflage

Camo Android Phone Watch ➨

Plug-In iPhone Case

Eliminate charging cord tangles and tripping hazards with the plug-in iPhone case. Apart from protecting your iPhone from minor bumps and scratches, it features a handy design that allows you to plug the case directly into the wall outlet to charge your phone.

5 Electronic Hubs for the Savvy Traveler

A handy power adapter to charge all of your gadgets on the go! #Travel #technology #convenience #ergonomic #design #YOTELNYC

New iWatch Concept Sports Sleek Design

Apple iWatch Concept Amazing technology tech science design electronics new news innovative gadgets device devices cool smart