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Abdominal pain grid - good to know for next time i have random stomach pains!

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18 Awesome Body Hacks

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Everyone gets a stomachache - or abdominal pain - from time to time. Usually, stomach pains are harmless conditions caused by overeating, gas, or indigestion.

Stomach Pains-When to Worry

Most stomach pains are usually harmless, but some can lead to serious medical issues. Learn more stomach pains and what to watch out for.

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Thyroid Infographic

Check out this Cartoon on how your thyroid works. Thyroid issues can get complicated, so this might help explain a little bit better what dotors do not explain to their patients. Check out that T-shirt here:

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Know your abdominal pain.. http://www.herbs-info.com/blog/know-your-abdominal-pain-chart/

Pay attention to these warnings - Abdominal pain can strike at any time, and is often difficult to determine whether or not it is an emergency. Abdominal pain can occur as a result of numerous causes – including indigestion, intestinal gas, food poisoning

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