Yours and his parents kissing on the wedding day... thats pretty cool...

pictures of couple at each age for table numbers

We need to do something like this because it's so cheesy @April Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Clayton @Becky Hui Chan Hui Chan Banjak

album for the groom to look at on the morning of the wedding ♥

Adorable picture with the flower girls

tug-of-war. fun idea

Maid of Honor Picture. Sometimes it's hard to give away your best friend. Ok so this may be the cutest thing I've found on this site.

Pictures to take before the ceremony without breaking #Wedding Photos #wedding photography #Wedding|

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Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

so cute

just for him shots.

Each with their parents' wedding pictures

Pictures of you growing up. The bride on the bride side and groom on the grooms side. Super cute idea

bride, mother, grandmother

His parents, her parents, and the bride and groom. so sweet! - Darling Stuff

everyone forgets this pic!

Love this!

BEST IDEA EVER! Write love letters to each other on the eve of wedding day, place them in a box with wine and nail it shut. When you have your first fight, open it up, pour the wine, go to separate corners, read the love letter & remember what it's all about.

Honestly, this (and with a ring, obviously) would be the cutest, simplest way to propose.

such a cute idea!