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Mornings are the worst . With these simple nighttime tricks, you'll wake up looking gorgeous — and be able to get ready in just a few minutes.

Green Hair {: now, that is a sight to look at!

Alex tried this Game of Thrones Braids tutorial: | This Is What Happens When Real Women Try Pinterest Hair Tutorials

white blonde hair with lavender (if only I could do lavender!)

Black and White Ombre Hair | uploaded to pinterest

After seeing Frozen, I'm seriously considering dying my hair white :) It's soo pretty!

Messy Bun! #Cute #DIY #GabrielCo #Tutorial #Fun #Ideas

white hair how-to, she's also got pastel hair. I think I might be going crazy with this this weekend :)

9 sassy hair tutorials ...Get more of us>>>.HAIR NEWS NETWORK on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/HairNewsNetwork

Why do we say "nay" to women having long gray hair? Why do so many women dye their gray hair rather than enjoy it? And why, if they don't dye it, do they feel they need to wear gray hair short? It looks so beautiful as long as you take care of your hair and keep it healthy - as with any color hair. Some girls now are even dying their long hair gray or white way before it is!