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Typewriter Quote Card - Underwood Typewriter - ERNEST HEMINGWAY - gift for writers - 3.5 x 5 white 110# cardstock

Before i rant:) this goes out to my boy J.T.!!! That said, yes i believe that Techno is & will cause a decline in intelligence, capacity for comprehending & creating art, and add to the selfish, & super late childlike behavior of our youth. That said, I

9 Gore Vidal Quotes for Charming Cynics and Grouchy Rebels

Famed author, essayist and gleeful agitator Gore Vidal was born this week in history on October To honor the most lovable grouch the world has known, enjoy these 9 quotes for readers who like their wit acerbic and sharp.

We Buy Things We Don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like. Fight Club #quotes #fightclub