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Only recently started watching Dr. Who... I still can't figure out why it's so addicting. Haha. I just thought this was funny.

"Little did you know, that when your best friend tells you they're fine, they're sitting on their own, rocking back and forth with suicide on their mind, tears streaming down their face. And the only thing that keeps them here, is you."☹ #Quotes #Hurt #Sad

I am who I am. Like me, love me. Know that I am a rue friend to the end and ask for nothing in return except two things, don't hurt or use me. #quotes


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Love..I don't need a man in my life to be happy but have to say it feels good to have someone that makes each day exiting and positive. Live laugh love everyday ❤️

its true--> sad thing this, in my world, this applies to almost anyone, even strangers. I'm not sure how many others feel that way these days.

But beware the click when that person has already clicked with someone else and makes you believe they want to click with you because they no longer fit with their original puzzle piece.

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Precisely...everyone wants to feel that they are valued in your life...if u never return calls or texts, don't be surprised when they stop making that effort....I stop my efforts when I feel that I am tryin to be friends with sum1 that doesn't care if I'm alive. . My loyalty frustrates me in that I find few match it...

I feel like this speaks directly about me, especially considering how kind I am to most people without even knowing them, I know I've felt intense pain and I have cried millions of tears and I do have super deep secrets.