Lighting up the night, at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Photograph by Rick Wianecki.

Dear Santa, I've been a VERY good girl this year. :)

Caribbean yacht party, anyone! I cannot believe my eyes. This Island Yacht has my name all over it. this can't be real ?


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my favorite tower

Golden Lights of Paris, France photography night city france lights paris eiffel tower gold

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Eiffel Tower, Paris / Photo by Trey Ratcliff / Stuck In Customs. I love the reflection.

my summer will involve this. so eiffelly.

Trocadero (Palais de Chaillot) seen through the Eiffel Tour

Eiffel Tower

The tallest monument commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution is the Eiffel tower ( In French la Tour Eiffel) of France. The Eiffel Tower is 81 stories, or feet tall, and it is the tallest building of Paris, France.

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The of Magic Maison Martin Margiela. French magazine Elle Decoration gave "Carte Blanche" at the Maison Martin Margiela in early 2009 to develop after Elle Decoration of the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris.

Sparks fly from a performance in front of Notre Dame, on the île de la Cité.

Get your daily dose of outstanding travel photos. Today: A fire-breather performs outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Scaling the Eiffel Tower has a price, but the view from below is spectacular in its own right, and a perfect backdrop to a leisurely picnic in the surrounding grassy area. Be sure to visit the tower at night when it sparkles each hour with an awe-inspiring ten-minute display of 20,000 glittering white lights.

I love how the girl is looking out into the city, the photo looks wonderous with the Eiffel Tower faded in the back. I hope one day i can travel to paris and see it too

Le Tour Eiffel, New Year's Day 2012  J'aime Paris <3

Le Tour Eiffel, New Year's Day 2012 J'aime Paris (photo by Rosie Mulligan)

Tour De Eiffel

Amazing Snaps: Sunset Over Eifel Tower, Paris, France. The best pic I have seen of the Eifel Tower/Paris

Cliche I know, but hey I've always wanted to go to Paris!

Edible Architecture (15 Awesome Food Structures)

One day I will go to Paris , take one of those cute romantic picture and sight see! My heart is Paris bound ! Well not to live there but visit.


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