Beef Kimbap...been meaning to make this but have put it off for sooo long....

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Bulgogi and Vegetable Gimbap: It's one of the most popular Korean casual foods. It's naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and so delicious! Was my favourite snack in Cheongju!

Sushi Rice and California Rolls Recipe | Sushi are kind of healthy dietic food for lovers of fish and rice. You can easy cook them at home. These California sushi is so easy as one, two, three, and you don’t need to worry about gaining weight.

KIMBAP aka GIMBAP ~~~ while sushi rice is seasoned with vinegar, kimbap is cut with sesame oil and sweeter. as for the fillings, while the japanese incorporate mostly raw fish and shellfish, in korea the inside layer consists of cooked or preserved items like canned tuna, kimchi, grilled bulgogi and ham and cheese. [Korea] [foodrepublic]

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Bibimbap = (cauliflower) rice + beef + veggies + egg. As much fun to eat as it is to say!

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express-egg-rice. Officially my favorite savory breakfast option. Why? Because it's so darn easy and delicious!

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