Storybook houses of Los Angeles

cobweb and spider window in door...stunning..

Stained glass of a spider in its web.) (would like it more if it was a cob web - i. no spider :D)

Amazing door #36 in Cantabria, Spain

dazzlingagony: Cantabria, Spain photography by Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte door porn…looks like something incredible, some different world would be on the other side

thekimonogallery:  la puerta del templo - Japón - Suravee Suthikulpanit

The kimono gallery: Temple door - Japan - Suravee Suthikulpanit Photography

…Dragon door…..

Dragon Door at Krumlov House in Czech Republic. Krumlov House is an amazing place--generous, homey, and friendly.

one-of-a kind door

Bird sitting on tree branch i forest Carved wood Door to June Lake Lodge, CA

parisien doors with stained glass - Google Search

Art Nouveau- I love this door. The stained glass photo is a perfectly designed background.

nathanielgage:    There’s magic in every doorway. But some have more than others.

Wrought iron details on an old door. this MUST lead to a secret garden! - the iron work has a Hobbit door feeling.LOVE it

these are the gates between the mansion and Highgate cemetary...

I love the detail in this Botanical Garden Gate. Photo by Bill Oriani. Like how the birds are poised to fly off the gate!


Ornamental gate by Bex that would be my dream gate to my fairy garden!

Swallows over the Lillypond, 1870-80 window from the home of H.M. Peck in Kalamazoo, MI.

Michigan Stained Glass Census: "Swallows over lily pond". Horace Peck Home, Kalamazoo, Michigan