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Christmas pictures for the dogs! Great Christmas card idea!

moose babies...i'm dead

For those who are wondering how they can help outdoor cats in bad weather if they truly can’t take them in (even just for overnight), check out this pic on how to create simple shelters from storage bins

this is priceless hahaha

Definition of BFF.

Neighborhood Watch Program

How to stop a nightmare. cat lover or not, you can't watch this and not melt

Feeding KITTENS.


A pet cat named Dodger has taken to hopping on and off the public transport at the bus station near his home in England. The 15-year-old Tom sits on bemused passengers’ laps as the bus makes up to 10 mile round trips. Bus drivers often bring him food and know which stop to let him off at the end of his day.

Dante gets interrogated by Sibi

Lucky, a young fur seal pup, wandered across a busy street, through a cat flap, and up some stairs into a kitchen before climbing up onto the sofa in Annette Swoffer's home in Bay of Plenty, NZ. where it took a nap! Conservation workers were able to return him safely to the sea! via Photo by Department of Conservation Thanks to #Steven McGaughey and @Rebecca Silbermann #Seal #New_Zealand #Couch #Annette_Swoffer

I love this story. You can find the documentary on youtube.

nap time

Too precious :)

so funny, but so sad since he was only 2 and had to be put down. he was 37 lbs!


Bows and bunnies just go well together.

furry love! don'tcha just wanna hug them?


Please, Sir.


Watching for squirrels in the backyard


Animal love