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Three days worth of meals that can be prepared with no heat and little water, to get you though the first three days after a disaster.

Homemade meals ready to make for a 3 month supply of dinners. This site has all sorts of food storage plans and helps. This is totally doable!

52 jar method Just bc you're preparing for disasters doesn't mean you have to eat like a poor college student. These meals in jars have a shelf life of 5-7 years. This blog has instructions on how to make a large variety of meals that can be prepared with minimal effort and resources.

Survival pack for the trunk- fits in a carry cooler, for under $25. 10 days worth of supplies

DIY MREs - Learn to create these simple meals ready to eat to use in case of emergency, for camping, or on long trips.

1 full day of emergency meals in a gallon bag...good idea!

Top 10 Foods to Have on Hand in The Event of a Natural Disaster- Inexpensive Foods to stock up

vaseline and cotton balls. costs around $4.50 to make about 600 hundred of these. They burn for quite a while and after a few days of sitting in the vaseline mixture they are water proof.

Just in Case – A Three Day Emergency Meal Plan

#Preppers/Survivalists: Hammock Tent with a 'Rain Catching' Tarp. http://dunway.us/kindle/html/frugal1.html

Water marbles! Crazy how a few kitchen ingredients will make these. Weird, I can't wait to try.

Items to keep on hand

Long term food storage, on the cheap!

Flight attendant shows you how to pack 10 days worth of clothes into a carry-on... I will be happy i pinned this next time i pack

parmesan cheese containter lids will fit on mason jars! How about keeping baking soda by the sink for a mildly abrasive cleanser. Or flour near where you kneed your bread - just sprinkle on the counter.

Emergency Candle

Water Storage made simple... -LDSemergencyresources.com

DIY Travel Size, Water Resistant Match Box | DiscountQueens.com

First step in emergency preparedness is water. Here's what they did.

You can buy your bottle on sales or on marked downs then add in what you want. It is a good idea. Leave one in your car, office, where ever.

List Of Important Documents ~ Creating an Emergency Preparedness Folder keeps all your important documents in one place in case of a disaster.