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150+ companies that have fair trade products, you buy one they give one to someone in need or they donate a portion of their proceeds. Purchase with a purpose!

DIY Tardis. This site is the MOTHERLODE of Dr. Who DIY. Even has the characters! I made this for the top of my son's birthday cake... made a Dalek too. They turned out AWESOME!

How to (over) pack for a few days in NYC.. using only a carry on!

How to (over) pack for a few days in NYC.. winter packing for a few days using only a carry on (ebags motherlode convertible backpack)

Otrante Amethyst Tiara. Dukedom bestowed 1808 by Napoleon I upon statesman/Minister of Police Joseph Fouché. Named after town Otranto on E coast of Italy. The ducal house is extant in Sweden where the dukes have lived since the 1800s. As of 2011, the titles are held by Charles-Louis Armand Fouché d'Otrante, 8th Duc d'Otrante (born in Stockholm, 14 March 1986).worn by Countess Birgitta d’Otrante at the wedding of Princess Benedikte of Denmark to Prince Richard of S-W-B in 1968.