Baker Skateboards Cyril Dabble Skateboard Deck 8.25"

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vintage vhs skateboard deck

Extraordinary Skateboard Designs

Another really funny and creative deck design. I could see skaters in their late twenties and thirties buying this. While there isn't really a specific focal point it is still a really fun design to look at.

As a longboarder, I know how hard it is to make a grip exactly how you want it. These are perfection of a skateboard.

delaojoser designer skate board I like the laser cut grip tape

I want to do this for a friend of mine who has a love for skate boarding even if it might be on the back burner but its still and aways will be a part of him!

But I love the heart skateboard for Jared

I like the monochromatic design that this board has. It makes it so from far away it blends together, but when you look at the board up close you see the detail.

A classic black and white skateboard illustration that would give a punk skater and even punker feel. Skulls and skeletons are definitely popular among teenagers, which is the demographic that skateboards the most.

This is an artist's interpretation of the stories of the great sperm whale and giant octopus battles.  However inacurrate to real life, because octopus don't stand much of a chance against sperm whales, it still is a great illustration with great vector detail.

Art Skateboard designs by Vaclav Bicha, via Behance skate

How to choose a longboard

Killer infographic on how to choose your new longboard

Welcome Sloth 8.5 Waxing Moon V2 Shape Skateboard Deck - Skate Shop > Decks > Skateboard Decks

Welcome Sloth Waxing Moon Shape Skateboard Deck - Skate Shop Decks Skateboard Decks

Laser Engraved Skate Decks by Magnetic Kitchen — Kickstarter // Look at Shakah Brah! I want it on a longboard.

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My new cruiser! Gold Coast Salvo Cruiser

If you love beautiful skateboard designs and versatility you need the Salvo Cruiser.

birdasaurus: Ink and Pulp

birdasaurus: Ink and Pulp (The Tides)

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Once again Andrea Pries goes ahead and blows everyones mind with the amazing drawing on a 2011 wolfshark!

this is pretty damn awesome

Awesome design!  Not from me though. I wish :(

A friend sat down and free handed this over the course of three hours with a sharpie

longboard designs-- possibly my next art project

This is a really wild look at an owl because the colors flip on both boards. Very interesting.

Element Skateboard decks by Dan Janssen, via Behance

This design is visually interesting because it is created with the use of all circles and curved lines. I think the color combinations all work very well together because they are in the same tone of various different colors. Also I like how the main curved line connects the top to the bottom of the board. skateboard design

Interesting color curves for a design

Tabla personalizada #longboard  #Malibu

Surfboard Fins

longboard by the artist Sergio Madroñal