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DIY Kids Artwork Display

Clothespins on frames. Easy to change out new artwork from the kids. I am pinning this because I really like the caulk board frame, and I love the different sizes and colors, but I think I would go with a cork board back instead of clothes pins.

DIY Kids Artwork Display

Clothespin Frames for Hanging Children's Artwork! {I have a few frames in the garage calling my name for a summer project now}

Kids art wall using cheap plastic frames that we used to change out pictures brought from school. Art goes up a two story wall.

Plastic speelgoed beestjes en een spuitbus verf. Lijm het beestje vast aan de deksel en spuit de deksel en het beestje in hetzelfde kleur.

Crayola Letter Art In Blues Or Pinks

Crayola crayon letter for JJ....wonder how many boxes of crayons I'd need to do this in green and gold!!

40 Unique Wall Photo Display Ideas For You

Fun way to display pictures. This site tells you how they made the wood supports. Then just put picture frames. Easy to change out/add/adjust/etc. I would maybe think about putting some sort of cap on the ends, but love the idea. Adjust to your wall size!

Scanner les dessins des enfants, les réduire, les imprimer et en faire une collection !

Easy to change out photos.

Kids Art Gallery Wall - The Caterpillar Years

Kids Art Gallery Wall – The Caterpillar Years

Colorful Crates Storage...If I should be so lucky to have another Mud Room...extention from your entry way toward you kitchen usually, North East, North West & pretty much anywhere it gets cold should have them......I would to see a round crate!!! :O)