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motivational quote: Remember you will not always win. Some days, the most resourceful individual will taste defeat. But there is, in this case, always tomorrow – after you have done your best to achieve success today. - Maxwell Maltz – 1889-1975, Author

Fluent in pop culture and sarcasms, eccentric smartass, undecided but crafty, drama queen, loves everything beautiful, almost perfect, somehow jaded, deeply ironic, moody as hell! I’m a blogger and fashion enthusiast based in Bucharest, Romania! I have...

Whatever you dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it... #bobproctor #bobproctorquotes #kurttasche

Quote: Bob Proctor Website/Blog: #bobproctor #bobproctorquotes #kurttasche

"It doesn’t matter where you are. You are nowhere compared to where you can go." - Bob Proctor #quote #bobproctor #bobproctorquotes #kurttasche