hahaha ! #zaynmalik

Z I A M Zayn trying to casually get a picture of Liams crotch with no one noticing

My mom just told me I'm too obsessed with one direction, and she told me that I should stop liking them cause they have done nothing but sinf these american songs that nobody in mi family listens to. I told her that theu are important to many girls. She said she doesn't see how they are important. I told her that they saved millions of lifes and I think that is pretty important

this is my life.

Zayn's hair though


This picture of Zayn is beyond words.

Zayn:) Zayn:) Zayn:)

story of my life.

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Zayn teen vogue

Story of my life..


Zayn at Heathrow

Zayn watching Little Mix

I can't stop laughing i did not even expect that lol! Zayns face! Lol

Even Katy Perry loves Johnny Depp over her own bf hahaha<<<<<< ^^^^^whoever thought this was Katy perry..... It's Perrie Edwards Love dani..

I love how Harry has to hold his own leg up. bahahaha

For some reason my first thought when I read Harry's was "aww he's so awkwardly cute"

zayn malik

Harry Styles imitating Zayn Malik