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Have integrity. Even if it cost you what you think you want. The right folks will come along. Keep trudging. A man came along and restored my hope for politics. Ron Paul had more integrity than anyone I have witnessed in my life time. I am a follower. I fall short daily of who I want to be, but I will always get back up and try to be a better man the next day.

The first time I saw this, I thought something along the lines of "Well, of course I'd be scared. Most of my characters are frightening." Then I realized it wasn't referring to imaginary characters so I have nothing to fear. Anyone else have this problem?

So true! I recently did a pretty big round wave of "friend" cleaning and another will soon be following. I am no longer giving anyone the ability to stay in my life when we offer nothing to one anothers lives except for having a past with each other.

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Unfortunately, every time I try to have an intelligent conversation with a Republican, they always end with name calling and/or swearing and the only thing I learn is that they are horrible people.