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Gluten Free Lemon Truffles. We've been obsessing about lemons this week and have created a really great gluten free lemon truffle. It's reminiscent of a classic lemon slice, without all the fructose. Ours is vegan, egg free and dairy free. We also think many of you Paleo followers will like the look of this recipe!

from The Merrymaker Sisters | Easy Healthy Recipes

Paleo chocolate

PALEO CHOCOLATE! Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free chocolate recipe.

Gluten Free Lemon Berry Tart. We know a lot of you are gluten free so when we found this tart we took the chance to try it out sugar free. What a winner! The yoghurt adds a lovely softness and the lemon, well that gives everything some zing!

Chocolate Mousse. Chocolate mousse is a classic recipe that makes a delicious end to a meal. This version is made with avocados and is fructose friendly, gluten free and lactose free.