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Your Mood is Contagious

8 Ways To Save A Bad Day:Whether I am grumpy, frustrated, happy, silly, angry, anxious, or patient, the mood is contagious. We all feed off each other’s emotions. So, I can choose to keep the day going along the same path (no thanks), or I can do something to change it! Here’s what works for us when things are getting a little crazy… *Great read for parents

One Thing You Should Do (Over and Over) to Get Good Behavior

If you want good behavior from your toddler or preschooler, this is the one thing you must do over and over again. Get more great info from by following Follow the on and

34 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

26 Ridiculously Easy Life Changes You Can Make Today

Answer of Two things that literally changed my life: My password at the company's corporate account has to be updated every month, so I use that chance to set a reminder to myself of things I want to achieve that month. Some examples would be: - - -...

Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

We stress over making the right choice, but sometimes the "wrong" one is needed to get to where we need to be.