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  • a l e c i a

    So I'm guessing you have just gone through pages and pages of pretty girls wishing you had their hair, or their tans. this girl just wishes for one thing, a chance to live her life. Do you know what I wish for her..? Her bravery.

  • Kasey Dean

    I know this isn't a quote or saying. But think of it as a reminder!

  • Sarah Pollmann

    so true.. never take life for granted

  • Tracy Webber Mellini

    Inspiring bravery & true beauty

  • Sarah Laton

    2 very important people in my life died of cancer..I'm trying to learn to live everyday to it's fullest..

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"This is so true. So many women in today's society are downtrodden, beaten physically, mentally & emotionally. We need to get into the Bible, God's word & remind ourselves & others we were made perfect in His sight...♥"

why is it so difficult for people to be civil these days?

God didn't promise primitive wood sign by pattisprimitives on Etsy. $26.00 USD, via Etsy.

I like this much more than, "He gives us only what we can handle". Because All things are possible through Him and He is My Help. He Helps Me with Everything! ♥

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Someone else is happy with less than what you have. (Be thankful, for everything)

Discovery consists not in seeking new land but in seeing with new eyes.

i want to put this on my bathroom mirror, or somewhere i will always see it just in case i have one of those days

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someone gave this quote to me in high school and it changed my life