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  • Belle

    Susan Sarandon aging gracefully;) I commend her for not messing up her face with botox and surgery. She is as beautiful as ever.

  • Gale Haverly

    Susan Sarandon #celebrities, #pinsland,

  • Harry Lin

    Susan Sarandon #susansarandon

  • rolf neumann

    Susan Sarandon by Annie Leibovitz (1949 oct2, 63 in 2012) U.S. portrait photographer; Romanian dad, Estonian Jewish mom, is American. took 1st photos in Philippines during Vietnam...launched career at Rolling Stone mag 1970 till 1983. shame as indebted by $24M!

  • Brenna Mitchell

    Susan Sarandon by Annie Leibovitz - Beauty!

  • lucky ♂

    Women (Susan Sarandon) by Annie Leibovitz

  • Christine Jennings .¸¸.•´¯`»✈

    Famous People Susan Sarandon, photo by Annie Leibovitz. Strong and sexy at any age.

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And you sir, you're so very attractive, and therefore, I will stare at you. Aging so gracefully

Susan Sarandon - I love her. Something about her reminds me of my mom. :)

Susan Sarandon by Annie Leibovitz. I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point.

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Love how she portrays herself. Probably real. Admirable career and money smarts. But took my man. :)

I once won an award for jumping in Jump Rope for the Heart. This pic should inspire me to take up the habit again.

Somewhere there is a faux fur covered helleecoputer-mo-bopter awaiting... Arrruuubumbedeh ba da ba boom! browndresswithwhi... browndresswithwhi...

aging gracefully Beautiful hair.

Ageing gracefully? I wish I was entirely fine with this process. It's one of life's inevitabilites. Fighting it, ultimately doesn't work. There are elements of it that are life-affirming and wonderful; experience is beauty, but oh how I wish it just didn't happen. That it wasn't quite so brutal. My Mum, who is the ultimate role model for everything; she is AWESOME, has aged beautifully. She is at-one. I love and emulate that. And isn't this image just beautiful?

  • Paula Brisson


  • Bibi Rogers

    Isn't it? ...I agree

  • Paula Brisson

    I enjoy working out it makes me feel young. I try to find whatever I can to keep me young. I teach 5 year olds and they too keep me excited about life ha!!

Actress Mimi Weddell died a few years ago at the age of 94, but not until she left behind quite a legacy. I love characters like her. Mimi was known for her free thinking, elegant style, and for not trying to conceal her wrinkles, or signs of aging. She was also known for her collection of 150 hats.