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Key Benefits: Total Control is a revolutionary herbal supplement designed to transform the weight-loss process. Description: Total Control™ is a revolutionary herbal supplement designed to transform the weight-loss process. This advanced non-ephedra formula works at the cellular level to help burn fat, block cravings and boost energy, giving you the support you need to finally achieve and maintain your ideal weight. * Controls appetite * Boosts energy without causing irritability/restlessness Our Advanced program helps boost metabolism with Total Control. Includes Cell-U-Loss for healthy appearance of skin and healthy disappearance of cellulite.

Key Benefits: A weight-management supplement to control cravings. Description: A scientific advancement in craving control, Snack Defense™ works all day to reduce the desire for sweets while it helps prevent the urge to snack between meals. Formulated with a blend of powerful ingredients, including gymnema sylvestre, a cutting-edge herb that targets the body's response to cravings, plus chromium polynicotinate and garcinia cambogia extract, Snack Defense™ takes weight loss to a whole new level.

I love this because I want to lose 10 - 20 lbs a month for about 5 dollars per meal. That's cheaper than any fast food meal and a lot better for me, not to mention how great I feel!

Key Benefits Weight loss with added energy and protein snack support. Description Program yourself for success with all the components of QuickStart Program - Fast, plus Cell-U-Loss® to help reduce fluid retention.* Look to Total Control® with green tea, ginger and select herbs to boost metabolism and build energy, for enhanced weight-loss results.*

Is your goal to lose up to 15-30 pounds? Advanced Program If you have a moderate amount of weight to lose, this program with its targeted nutritional supplements is just right for you! Get all the products in our QuickStart Program and additional enhancers to help you with specific weight-management challenges. Includes Total Control® for metabolism* and Cell-U-Loss® for appearance of dimpled skin and fluid retention. kcweightcontrolma...

Is your goal to lose more than 30 pounds? Ultimate Program Take weight loss to the ultimate level with this comprehensive program. In addition to the shakes and enhancers of our Advanced Program, count on Aminogen® to build and maintain muscle tone. Enjoy the “fat grabbing” effect of Thermo-bond in those “cheater’s moments” and look to Snack Defense™ to curb appetite for easier weight control.* kcweightcontrolma... Great for weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance

Is your goal to lose up to 15 pounds?QuickStart Program Shedding those few extra pounds and beginning a healthy lifestyle has never been so easy! Get healthy weight-management support with our nutritional shake and select enhancers that support weight loss and Cellular Nutrition. Enjoy two shakes daily as meals for weight loss and weight maintenance. Boost your intake of essential nutrients while also getting a boost of energy with Herbal Concentrate! kcweightcontrolma...

I love these exercises because my schedule doesn't always allow me to get to the gym. After putting in a 12 hour day, these are great workouts I can do at home. Our Quickstart program supports cellular nutrition. Includes herbal tea concentrate for energy boost.

Your Desk Job Makes You Fat, Sick and Dead

Thermo-Bond® Key Benefits: Naturally aids the body in absorbing less fat.* Description: This scientifically advanced formula is derived from natural ingredients and is designed to aid in safe and effective weight loss.* Thermo-Bond® helps create a satisfying sense of fullness while helping to keep your system regular.* These specially processed tablets contain a unique blend of natural ingredients that combine with the food you eat so your body absorbs less fat.*