Indoor window box for girls room...LOVE THIS!

Girl Power: Paper Butterfly Wall Decor (PB Inspired)

hmm cute idea for an indoor "window box"

Similar to what we're doing for Elise's big girl room. White picket fence and satin flowers peeking through.

Upcycled Dollhouse Bookshelf

How was this picture taken without anything in the reflection. This is gonna bother me

DIY Children's grocery store

Love this for a girls room!

No freaking way! Holy cow I'm in love with this idea!!

so cute! Make out of pvc piping and fabric Anika loves to sleep in the pitch black. I bet this would make it nice and cozy for her in bed.

little girls room

"chandelier" for girl's room

Boxes on Walls by minhafilhavaicasar via babble #Storage #minihafilhavaicasar #babble

Little girls room

I love these!!! How simple and beautiful! I see a fun project for me my daughter and daddy!

Put legos in liquid soap for boys... for girls, use barbie shoes. So cute!

This is so lovely! Especially for a child's room. <3


flower boxes for shoes