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targeting Bank of America & Citi

Every detail of the tax code was instigated by congress, at the behest of large corporations. Hence the numerous loopholes to facilitate tax avoidance. Their faux anger at Apple is just bluster to hide this fact!!! Corporations run the US, not Congress!

REPUBLICAN WAR AGAINST WORKING PEOPLE... It's the kind of mess that people who "pretend" to know God would invoke. Real believers would never sanction this kind of lunacy, because they know it's antithetical to what God says we should do...

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(original Pinner) So true! (me) No.. it's not.. (slap!) So basically b/c other countries act like totalitarian pricks,, we should as well. I'm not suggesting no consequences for illegal border crossers.. just not shooting them or lengthy prison terms.

Talk about a fabulous daughter! When one thinks about the fact that a group of grown Taliban men shot this girl and almost killed her, and that she recovered and then resumed her advocacy to be a visible symbol of courage, one can't help but be inspired.

Seriously! Stop assuming us curvy women are lazy and unhappy. MAYBE we like the way we look! You can be hungry and miserable with your skinny ass while I finish off this candy bar with a smile in my face. KISS MY FAT ASS! so me right thur...

The New York Times reported that the Republicans celebrated the passage of their shut down with so much rejoicing and celebration that it was hard to believe that they just kept tens of millions of Americans from getting health insurance. ACA OBAMACARE