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Doctor Who 2x02 - Tooth and Claw

That is a lot of layers the Doctor wears: pinstripe suit over a chambray shirt over a henley over a white T-shirt. Must be cold in the TARDIS.

Ooo cake.

Doesn't cake make everybody feel better. Not even the doctor can resist the power of cake.

Dr. Who 9  | ... reboot so this was essentially my first doctor though not my doctor as

Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who Season 2 Departure Why Christopher Eccleston Left Doctor Who After 1 Season

doctor who David Tennant Tenth Doctor

mygifs doctor who dw David Tennant ten Tenth Doctor mygifs:dw dwedit dtedit mygifs:ten e: the evolution of daleks tenth doctor project

Well because David Tennant I would rather be looking at funny pictures related to Doctor Who on Pinterest.

In celebration of his supporting role in The Fright Night Reboot here are some pictures of the Doctor, David Tennant looking sexy as.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on set So here we are, day one of a new series, with a new Doctor to boot! Peter Capaldi has started his new job today, app.

FIRST LOOK: Peter Capaldi on Set of Doctor Who Series 8 - See the First Photo of Peter Capaldi with Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) ~ via yael.

10 in 9's clothes looks awesome

Previous Clothes

Clothes, Memes, and 🤖: shadowofthee eworth New Who Doctors in their previous regeneration's clothes Capaldi actually looks amazing in Matt's clothes. lactually wouldn't have minded if he just kept the style.

Dr Who

original photo: [link] Brushes are called Media Splatter but I cannot, for the life of me, find them on dA. Basically, I wanted a Doctor Who wallpape. Doctor Who wallpaper

I also read that headcanon, and I 100% accept it. His right hand still has part of Ten in it, and it occasionally reminds Eleven of that fact.

Because at The Christmas Invasion, Ten had to regenerate a new hand after his got chopped off, so that hand is younger than the rest of him and doesn't have to regenerate. I love this headcanon!^^^thats such a Ten thing to do!