• Maelle B

    Hot glue gun thumb tacks to the back of vintage buttons for your cork board

  • Demi Renaud

    Hot glue gun thumb tacks to the back of pretty buttons..sooo doing this for my pin board!

  • Alexandra Thiessen

    Thumb Tack DIY. Glue vintage buttons onto thumbtacks, let set and use on memo boards and jewelry cork boards!

  • Jenni Najar

    Hot glue gun thumb tacks (or magnets!) to the back of pretty buttons...great to go with the wine cork board I want to make.

  • Sydney Haykel

    simple DIY: vintage buttons and thumb tacks. Such a cute idea!

  • Libby Cole

    Turn those cute vintage buttons into decorative push pins for your bulletin board. Just glue thumbtacks on the backs and voila!

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