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A simple and fun chore chart system. #chorechart #diy #parenting

Top Chore Chart for kids at These are seriously the best!

Lisa Welchel really does have some great ideas!!! Love her book "Creative Correction"

Morning Motivation! Ikea Hack job charts!

Simple Chore Chart and Reward System Your Kids Will Love via Clean Mama

Photo/magnetic chore chart

Chore Binders. Take the chore charts OFF the walls and fridge and put them into the hands of your child!

Chore Chart

I wish my mom did this for me. File folders for K-12 to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photo.

DIY chore chart using $1 pans- tutorial and list of chores for kids

So you've assigned chores, but it's still not working for your family. The kids fight, the work is lousy and mom is tired. I get it. You're not alone. I found this secret to getting your kids to do their chores well and I promise you're gonna love it! FREE editable printables!

The mom picked a scripture for each child that she prayed over them for an entire year. She traced their hand, wrote the scripture on it, laminated it, and placed it in her Bible.

Kids printables for staying organized. Cute!

chore cards for the littles can be printed for a picture schedule, chore drawing from a bowl, or star chart.

Not the same old chore chart! This looks very appealing to the kids because they can see the money they're going to get as soon as the chore is completed!

cute chore chart

DIY good morning chart // use photos to teach your kids that they are in command of their own day

Kids Chore Chart - Blue 'My Chore Chart' Weekly Page - Printable

Chore Chart for Mommy's Little Helper | by Sarah Halstead