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Smart glass, also named as Privacy Glass or Switchable Transparent Glass ( STG ), is an intelligent high function glass, which has a special characteristic of changing between clear and opaque by voltage control. With such a function, Smart glass meets people’s double requirements of light transmission and protecting privacy Skype:adak1573

Liquid crystal glass. Saw this in a club's bathroom. Scary when you go in, looks like regular glass when you walk in the stall, lock it & the glass frosts over. You could see out, couldn't see in.

Yantai Rushui Optoelectronics Technology Co.,ltd is good at Switchable film,smart film ,magic film ,PDLC film,smart glass,switchable glass ,magic glass, electric privacy glass. Working effect: When turn OFF,it is opaque. When turn ON,it is transparent. It can be from opaque to transparent by a simple flick of a switch with less than 1 second,also can be remote control by wireless.

Smart glass film, switchable smart film, privacy glass film, PDLC film, magic glass film, electronic tinted film, etc Smart film types Common smart film, Smart Glass,magic glass, switchable glass, intelligent glass .electric privacy glass, switchable privacy glass ,electrochromic glass ,lcd glass, pdlc glass If interested, please email me at:

LCD Smart Glass balances perfectly between stylish glass partitions and the privacy of a traditional wall. Yantai Rushui Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd Low power consumption Sensor capabilities Private to transparent in 1 millisecond Optional colors and graphics available Solar reduction up to 40% If interested, please email me at :, skype:adak1573 for further information.