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    Very useful information for road trips... bug splatter bingo, anyone?

    My exact reaction every time.

    I don't know why this is so funny, but it is!!! It should be a T-shirt... Get it, Teeee shirt, lol!!

    Things could have been so different...

    Calvin and Hobbes

    This is Bug. Bug says "Hi". This is Bug...

    Too funny

    HAHAHA wait did I already pin this?

    ha, very true

    For those who say they love summer: not everybody is lucky enough to spend the whole summer on a beach, so, when I get roasted at 40 Celsius degrees, no, I don't like summer at all -actually, I hate summer.

    Obvious road signs. I guess some people still need to be reminded haha! #funny #signs #obvious

    Know Your Insects - Gary Larson an oldie but a goodie

    Oh this is too good! Read the mother's response! As a future teacher this would be so funny to experience :)

    The Official Rules for Calling Shotgun

    too funny

    walmart bingo


    Lol so truee

    For one of those days when the writer's life involves, deadlines, distractions, blocks, demands...oh yes, we all have them. My train of thought derailed. There were no survivors.

    A Field Guide to Procrastinators