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Keep calm because someone found the real Pikachu……ADORABLE

Pokemon Pikachu Decal. Either for my car, window or my entertainment room...also cute

Star Wars 12 - 8.5x11in Glossy Promotional Photo Han Solo

~ We are the Pokemon generation since gen 1 through gen 6 and every future generation yet to come By Madison

The original pokemon generation ? Ted Baker profit boosted by overseas expansion push - News : Fashion ( Summer Outfit

PikaEmbarrassed. Pikachu (by Izusetsu, Pixiv Id 1335172)

Pikachu KAWAII~~ Like my pikachu! Except mines a girl pikachu! And out of all the Pokemon that I have nicknames Pikachu was the only one I didn't nickname

True... With the exception that for me, Johnny Depp will always be Edward Scissorhands to me and Mark Wahlberg will always be Marky Mark. =P

They will always be...

Johnny Depp is not just Jack Sparrow to me, and Will Smith will always be Fresh Prince. As for Mark Wahlberg, as a kid I will always think of him as Marky Mark.

Witch one?!?

All three of my "Keep Calm and Pick a Starter" posters smooshed into one fantabulous wallpaper, for your pleasure. Keep Calm and Pick a Starter Wallpaper


F**k...! Pickachu!

I hate the Ash and Serena relationship. If Ash is gonna be 10 forever, then he can't have the girl. I agree with u Pikachu, no girl could get between u and Ash